A second episode in a week! What is happening, y’all are getting twofer is what is happening! This episode we talk about Motley Crue, The song of the summer about body issues, vocal covers of songs, we answer a couple questions and delve into how bad the new Weezer song is, there is discussion of movies we have seen over the last few days and a little bit of video game talk. Enjoy it and we’ll see you on Monday!

Hi! Welcome to episode 34 of Big Snackers, this week Ryan is still on tour so we answer letters from the fans, talk about some goings on in the world of the mixtapes and warped tour, and get introduced to the worst song maybe ever made. Rate us on iTunes, follow on Tumblr, listen on stitcher, eat it up yum! See ya next week!

This week on Big Snackers we talk about weird trips and Ryan’s awful jokes, we answer questions and talk a little about video games before Peter “JR” Wasilewski of Less Than Jake comes on and tells us about 3rd Eye Blind, his love of Spin Doctors, the problems with the punk scene, how many bands are still together from warped tour, spring heeled jack and you find out if he can do a pull up! See ya next week!

This week on Big Snackers we delve into the Tiger’s Jaw commentary straight off the bat because we figured that’s what you’re here for, then we move on to answering questions and telling stories about tattoos and concussions and allow the internet to give us an explanation of why country music is so bad! Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week!

Country Music is Awful:

This week on Big Snackers Ryan is out on Warped Tour so we speak about it, the eating habits of the tour, Tom Cruise the sexy robot, Scientology visits, E3 post show thoughts, the continuing Youth Culture scandal and then we give you this week’s warped tour codeword! Thanks for listening and catch us on iTunes and Stitcher!

This week on Big Snackers we talk about shakes and burgers, Ryan’s new band Chick Flicks, we answer your questions about friends moving on, albums that meant a lot to you and Violent Delight, we discuss the backlash on absolute punk about Ryan’s new album by his band Youth Culture and then that goes on quite awhile and finally we talk about E3 which is going on right now and has all kinds of things that will make us go broke at it! Enjoy and we’ll see you next week! As always please feel free to contact us any time you like!

Youth Culture - I Hate How Normal I’ve Become download/stream.

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This week on Big Snackers we answer fan mail, talk to Christian from The Feels for about 3 seconds (he’ll be back on next week) and have a near podcast ending debate about S’Mores. Enjoy this kinda short episode, we’ll see you next week with a longer one!

Ryan’s music recommendation - Sorority Noise

Your homework for this week :Christian’s band The Feels

This week on Big Snackers is a doozie and a double whammy! First we start talking about Ryan’s top albums list and then Joey Cape of Lagwagon calls in to discuss his new label, how much we like him, grown men crying while eating and then Dan “Soupy” Campbell of the Wonder Years calls in to discuss royalties, how much we like the Weakerthans and his new solo project. Thanks for listening to this long and information filled episode and we’ll see you next week!

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This week we get introduced to G Eazy, we talk about all the awful things you people keep sending in to us, we introduce you to the worst song ever produced, a listener introduces us to the worst stand up comic ever to perform, we talk about music that influenced us and then Mikey Erg of The Ergs! calls in to tell us about things that influence him, Chris Farren of Fake Problems calls in to talk about how much nicer Mikey Erg is than him, enjoy the episode and we’ll see you next week!

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The worst song ever made:

The worst stand up comic of all time:

Mikey Erg’s recommendation:
Ex Friends

Chris Farren’s recommendation:
Dikembe - Broad Shoulders

Chris’ Podcast - Back to the Island!

Ryan’s “dog shooting water”: