Welcome to episode 22. This week we literally spend way too much time on modern country music and then proclaim Mackelmore to be the new ICP. We continue on to answer your wrote in questions, help a young man with prom, talk about sentimentality, express our love of video games and explore Ryan’s business ventures in his basement… But mostly we spend a shit ton of time on modern country music and how awful it all is! Yay! See ya next week everyone!

Welcome to episode 21. This week we talk about boy pussy, Bayside, Mixtapes adventures in NYC, Justin’s new car, stand up shows, we answer your questions and enjoy a bit of a critique of art. Enjoy and we’ll see you next week!

This week’s opening song:

The creepy video a listener sent us:

Justin’s new car:

Justin’s Artist rendition of the car:

The art ryan found:

April 7th

Ryan and I have discussed and we felt it better to return when both of us were in the same city. Scheduling became extremely difficult for us so we have worked out a plan. This monday we will return and then every monday after that until both of us are dead. Thank you for your patience and concern! We will see you Monday!

Sorry guys!

We are working hard to get our schedules in sync. Ryan being on tour and me working overtime it has been hard. We promise we aren’t done yet and are actually just getting started, hopefully this weekend early next week we will have a new ep for you. Call it our spring break! Love you!

Welcome to Episode 20! This week we talk about Ryan’s excursion to City BBQ, we answer your questions about jealousy of artists, favorite albums this year and what it takes to flirt with ladies, Brendan Lukens of Modern Baseball drops by for a long while to answer your questions about his favorite tv shows, why he writes his songs when he could be writing a little girl’s blog, video games and then we get weird with some Ryan and Justin stories. Enjoy and rate us on iTunes and follow us on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook! See ya next week for a double episode!

Buy the new Modern Baseball album “You’re Gonna Miss it All”, it pretty well fucking rules!

Ryan and Justin’s musical projects

Welcome to Episode 19! This week we talk about Cam’ron and his album skits, Ryan drinking too much soda, Ryan’s adventures in the stock market and how we have no idea how the economy actually works, Ryan drowning his sorrows in Shamrock shakes and not understanding he could make his own, fast food worker idiocy, Small Time Crooks, how coloring food what they aren’t supposed to, Ryan’s terrible terrible shirt, thrift store weirdness, Justin’s experience with the dancefloor of the future, addressing people who are contrarian for no reason, we answer your questions and berate one of our listeners, Ryan tells us about his newest adventure in Craigslist and then does the worst impression of all time. Happy listening and feel free to follow us on twitter @bigsnackers and rate us and subscribe on iTunes! See ya next week!

simply the worst.

Check out Ryan’s clothing line!

This week we talk about country rap music (again), cops, Party Down South (not to be confused with Party Down which is good), racism, we answer your questions and talk about burger subs, crazy shows we’ve been to, addiction, Domino’s pizza, RPGs, Ryan’s texts to me in the middle of the night, the superbowl half time show, Grant MacDonald and then Mike Kennerty of All American Rejects comes by to help break news about Ryan’s new band and agree with Justin about many things and talk to us about movies and music and have some laughs! Enjoy, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook and send us your questions! We love you, see you next week!

This week we talk about Miley Cyrus’ “23”, we answer your questions, make fun of British chocolate, Taco bell, oreo shits, grilled cheese restaurants, Cincinnati food, Ryan’s adventures in vomit and talking to fans, accidentally drinking things, creepy haircuts, Ryan calling infomercials like a 15 year old asshole, American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street and other crappy movies, the Grammys, we call someone to explain the Royal Rumble controversy, updates on our favorite rappers, video games and Ryan’s stupid, fucking blowjob bear notebook. Enjoy! We’ll see you next week!