Welcome to Episode 44 where we talk about ryan’s hot dog habit, delve into the recent stage diving controversy, talk to the great photographer Ryan Russell and ignore his requests to make him more interesting, some video games and then a special secret guest! Follow us on twitter, instagram, stitcher, whatever other thing, thanks for listening!

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Welcome to Episode 41 of Big Snackers. This week we talk about Ray Rice being a horrible person, reality TV shows, Ryan not being able to tell black people apart, the worst job in hollywood, the new rap trend, movies that are coming out and games we are looking forward to and we answer some of your questions! thanks for listening! Follow us on Twitter and listen on Stitcher and rate us on iTunes! This week’s song is Liza and Louisiana by The Holy Mess!

Welcome to Episode 39 of Big Snackers, this week if you don’t want to hear a bunch of serious shit please skip to about the 28 minute mark, we talk about the NFL, the situation in Ferguson, craft beer fests, old guys in the military, ryan’s gross ear, Chris Blair calls in and talks about Hilsboro, OH, we answer your questions, listen to D4nny, talk a little about cognitive disonance, have a great week and we’ll see you soon! Listen to us on Stitcher and rate us on iTunes! This week’s song is “Target” by Grey Gordon.

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This week we answer some questions from people and then discuss a country artist named Tyler Farr that is very very scary, we speak about Five Seconds of Summer bringing Guitars back to music and Justin gets irrationally mad about it then Mike Herrera of MXPX stops in to tell us about his awesome podcast and talk music and scientology with us. Follow us on Twitter @RyanRockswelllol and @TheSchnoo also check us out on Stitcher and iTunes! Thanks for listening guys!

The creepiest and worst country song ever, this guy is an asshole:

Mike Herrera of MXPX and Justin’s favorite MXPX song:
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Ryan’s Scientology interpretation:

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A second episode in a week! What is happening, y’all are getting twofer is what is happening! This episode we talk about Motley Crue, The song of the summer about body issues, vocal covers of songs, we answer a couple questions and delve into how bad the new Weezer song is, there is discussion of movies we have seen over the last few days and a little bit of video game talk. Enjoy it and we’ll see you on Monday!